Simplify Your Life with a One Line Mission Statement

How do you decide what to do each day? I mean, some of it is obvious, but when you start to juggle shifting priorities and have to make choices about how to spend your time and how you can feel most successful, it can get overwhelming, confusing and often it’s very easy to feel lost and defeated.

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner paving your own path to success.

Being your own boss is cool, but sometimes, having a boss can make prioritizing your life easier. The structure of a job description and fear of being fired is handy when you’re not quite sure what to do next. Especially when your boss is literally paid to make sure you do the right thing, the right way and in the right order.

This is where I love a good one liner mission statement.

Something simple and clear that reminds of of why you get up in the morning and do what you do. Something so simple it cuts right through the clutter and makes decision making easy. Something that when you say it out loud or to anybody else, it just makes sense and feels right.

How I Crafted My One Linner Mission Statement

I help people eat more plants.” Sounds so simple, but it actually took me 20 years to chisel down, clarify and simplify. I knew very early on I wanted to help people “be healthy,” but that is pretty vague and also subjective.

What one may consider good health could be far different from another. So I made it a bit more specific and stated that “I wanted to reduce disease and death by informing and empowering people to make smarter lifestyle decisions.” (It’s still baffling to me today that our lifestyle choices contribute to 70% of the disease in our country, but I digress…)

While that is still specific, it’s also very vague… Based on all my research and experience over the past 20 years, I have decided that the world would be a better place if people simply at more plants. It’s better for the enviornment, it’s better for the pigs, cows, chicken and fish, and it’s better for the human body in terms of maintaining a healthy weight and disease free body.

So there you have it. I do help people “be healthy” and I do “empower people to make smarter choices…” and I do that by “helping people eat more plants.

And all my days are structured around that primary goal and my business decisions are based on that simple statement and question.

Your turn, how to craft your one-liner Mission Statement

The basic structure of the sentence is like this: I ___ (Do Something)___, ____(For Someone)____, to ____(Action/Impact)___.

Do Something: This is a verb and it’s what you do.

I help.

Do you inspire, direct, advocate, educate, inform, support, research, review, sell, create, coach, perform, program, build…ect. You get it right?

For Someone: This is a noun and it’s who you’re doing, what you do, for.

I help people.

Who do you do what you do for? Children, consumers, busy adults, women, men, animals, farms, small business owners, millennials, families, college students, entrepreneurs, working moms, singles, couples, divorcees, a certain product, ect. Make sense?

Action/Impact: This is the action you want to see or impact you want to make.

I help my people eat more plans.

What action do you inspire or impact do you create? A healthier planet, better food, faster performance, lose weight, find confidence, improve financial condition, live pain free, be more efficient, make more money, create community, love their homes, excel in the workplace, experience dream vacations?

I mean…this can be anything, but it’s the thing that makes you glow when you’re telling people about it. It’s the thing you know would make the world a better place if your could make the impact or get more people to do it.

Does this make sense?

Can you put your life’s work into a simple 3 part, one line mission statement to simplify your life? If you can, use the tweetable below and share it with the world and/or leave it in the comments because I’d love to know … what you do and who you’re doing it for!

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Whats Your One Line Mission Statement?

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