Teresa in the Kitchen

Hi, I'm Teresa ...

Let my start by stating that living "Fit, Happy & Free" is an aspiration, a lifestyle and mindset goal that I am working towards every single day.

While I would love to tell you that I've masted it, that I'm your guru and the mighty all-knower of Fitness, Happiness and Freedom, it would be naive and obtuse of me to make that promise.

But I can promise you that in my 40+ years, I've studied, practiced and learned a fair amount about wellness and that I am deeply committed to personal mastery and also inspiring you to live your very best life.

A little bit about how I got here...

As soon as I was allowed to choose how I wanted to spend my time, I've been in the wellness industry.  At age 17, I chose to study Nutrition in college and spent the next decade plus working for one of the worlds largest weight loss companies. In 2013, I took a severance package as a spring board to take full control of career and started my own company.

I didn't know exactly how I was going to do it, but I knew I was going to work to inspire and inform people on how to make smarter lifestyle decisions to improve their health, happiness and ultimately live longer, more satisfying lives.

That Mission has lead me along an entrepreneurial journey full of frustration and disappointments, but also a handful of accomplishments I'm really proud of:

And that professional timeline is matched with an equally impressive series of personal side stories ... beginnings and endings of relationships, friendships, pets, residences and trips across the country and around the globe. And that big, gummy mess of good, bad, meh, woot woot, ick, blah and yahoo are all the parts of pieces of how I came to frame my current quest ...

What do I mean by Fit, Happy & Free?

Fit, Happy & Free is a fresh start for me and a reflection of what I've learned and how my views of wellness have shifted as I've aged. My beliefs are similar, but my priorities and goals have changed, maybe we can call them "evolved." Here's what I'm studying, talking about, and working towards today.

hula hoop fit


Fitness is more than a number. It's not a size or weight. It's about strength, ability and comfort. It's how you feel in your skin.



Happiness is a long sought after destination, but ultimately it's a choice you make every day. And it's not always easy or obvious.



Freedom is a blend of confidence, financial security and lifestyle. Being free allows you to do what you want to do and enjoy being able to do it.

What you can expect from me at Fit, Happy & Free

Honesty, authenticity, things that work and struggles hopefully you can avoid. I try to be funny, but life as a small business owner on the front lines of the healthy food movement is not easy. A lot of what I share is research based, but mostly personally experienced. I want to share true facts and figures, but also the adventures I experience in real life and the stuff I'm working through in my heart and battling in my mind.

Getting older is a trip. Climbing over the hill has been a life changing shocker. And if it's taught me anything so far, it's that we'll always have more to learn, see, feel, believe in, change, rearrange, grow, teach, share, love and simply DO with our lives. I'm satisfied when I look back at the last 40 years and eager when I look forward to the next.

I hope that as I share these stories -- that you pick up a tip or a spark, and you choose to move one step closer to the life you want to live.